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Michael Black is a Sydney-based artist, who creates original art. His murals, prints, and private commissions allow him to capture moments in time through a variety of mixed media techniques. Michael is inspired by discovered landscapes, encountered people, and personal experiences responding to subjects in a dynamic and expressive manner, with an aim to capture the raw essence and beauty of a moment. The warmth and movement of Michael’s work provides viewers with the opportunity to experience newfound meaning in response to moments in their own lives. Having completed a BA in Fine Arts (Design) at UNSW & Design in Sydney, Australia, Michael has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions. He is passionate about Public art and has done a number of large scale public works. Michael creates in collaboration with architects, interior designers, stylists, property developers, retailers, and galleries, bringing his work into a variety of spaces. He places a strong emphasis on the viewer and experiments with everyday objects, spaces, people, and places, often altering the meaning and aesthetics of these forms. Through his practice, Michael aims to bring others into a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose in their own lives.

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