An honour roll of Gold Coast street art, curated into a tour on wheels. Roll through the tour by skateboard, rollerskates, bike, scooter, car, or even just stroll. Admire local artists’ work spread across the City — tour the closest suburb in an hour or two, or check out the whole coast over a few days.


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A fun and active way to explore the Gold Coast

Street Art has become a global culture that shapes neighbourhoods, people and landscapes. Amongst the thriving cultural evolution of the Gold Coast has long been a live and evolving free art gallery, a non-disclosed ‘art trail’ if you like, accessible to everyone. It just hasn’t been documented in a way that you see in other cities around the world.

Local, national and international artists have been beautifying the Gold Coast throughout our urban landscape for many years… and we bet you just may have never stopped to check them out! So, we’ve made it super simple to find them.

Tour your closest suburb in an hour or two while grabbing a coffee, or take your time to appreciate the street art across the whole of the City over a few days.

Art Roll Gold Coast has documented over 100 murals across the coast for you to explore.  The trail will continue to grow. If you have a venue or artwork that should be included on this site, please contact us to add you to the map!


Roll with us anytime

It’s free and it’s for everyone, whether you’re local, touring, young or old, you can explore the trail and experience the laneways and streets of the City at your own leisure.

Enjoy discovering new places and the creators of our local street art. Get rolling and take the free tour any day of the week, anytime!