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Kaina Morais is a distinguished mixed media artist whose eclectic work is a profound reflection of her vibrant inner life, deeply rooted in the natural world and human spirituality. Born in the culturally rich city of Olinda, Brazil, Kaina was nurtured in an artistic environment that sparked her creative journey from a tender age. With a background in Interior Design, she moved to Australia in pursuit of language education but found a second home amidst its captivating landscapes. Her artistic foray in Australia began with handcrafted dreamcatchers, mandalas, and explorations in watercolour and acrylic mediums. Her artistic evolution has seen her become a celebrated muralist and a cherished mentor, guiding aspiring artists through the intricacies of Visionary Art, Mandalas, and watercolour techniques. Her work with businesses as a muralist has transformed spaces into vibrant areas of community and identity, earning her widespread acclaim for her ability to bring brands to life through art. Kaina's dedication to art education is as strong as her passion for creation. Her workshops and retreats across Australia are more than just classes—they're journeys into the heart of creativity, fostering expression, community, and healing. Through her art and teaching, Kaina continues to inspire with her mantra that creative potential lies within everyone, advocating that art is not just an aesthetic pursuit but a healing one, offering pathways to personal insight and collective connectivity.

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